Behance for Apple Watch lets you stay connected to your network on Apple's most personal device. Get notifications when people interact with your work and respond quickly by dictation. Share links to projects and use your watch as a controller for AirPlay. Even get notified when you walk by nearby tagged projects.
App - Landing View
Notifications - Landing View
Notifications - Detail Views
Notifications - Detail Views
Notifications - Short Look/ Long Look Notification
My Work - Profile/Landing View
My Work - Project Details
My Work - Airplay
Inbox - Landing View 
Inbox - Message Details & Actions
Nearby - Landing View
Nearby - Notification & Project Location
Glance - Daily Stats
Glance - New Activty
 ART DIRECTION & DESIGN: Tyler Gough & Eric Snowden
DEVELOPMENT TEAM: Jared Verdi & Joseph Tam    
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